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\f:(typescript:chat.component.ts) export class ChatComponent implements OnInit {\n \tfrom: string;\n \tto: string;\n \tmessage: string;\n\n \tfrom$ = new ReplaySubject<string>();\n \tto$ = new ReplaySubject<string>();\n\n \tmessages$: Observable<Message[]>;\n\n \tmessageCollection: DefaultCollection<Message>;\n\n \tconstructor(private db: SapphireDbService) { }\n\n \tngOnInit() {\n \t\t// Get the collection\n \t\tthis.messageCollection = this.db.collection<Message>('demo.messages');\n\n \t\t// Creates an observable that changes the loaded messages when from or to change\n \t\tthis.messages$ = combineLatest([this.from$,$]).pipe(\n \t\t\t// Add a delay to the input of from and to\n \t\t\tdebounceTime(200),\n \t\t\t// Map the from and to values to the actual messages\n \t\t\tswitchMap(([from, to]: [string, string]) => {\n \t\t\t\tif (!from || !to) {\n \t\t\t\t\treturn of([]);\n \t\t\t\t}\n\n \t\t\t\t// The actual logic for message loading\n \t\t\t\treturn this.messageCollection\n \t\t\t\t\t.where([[['from', '==', from], 'and', ['to', '==', to]], 'or', [['from', '==', to], 'and', ['to', '==', from]]])\n \t\t\t\t\t.values();\n \t\t\t})\n \t\t);\n \t}\n\n \tsend() {\n \t\tif (!!this.message) {\n \t\t\tthis.messageCollection.add({\n \t\t\t\tfrom: this.from,\n \t\t\t\tto:,\n \t\t\t\tcontent: this.message\n \t\t\t});\n\n \t\t\tthis.message = '';\n \t\t}\n \t}\n } \f:(html:chat.component.html) <div class="row">\n \t<div class="cell-md-6">\n \t\t<m4-input [(ngModel)]="from" (ngModelChange)="from$.next($event)" prepend="From"></m4-input>\n \t</div>\n \t<div class="cell-md-6">\n \t\t<m4-input [(ngModel)]="to" (ngModelChange)="to$.next($event)" prepend="To"></m4-input>\n \t</div>\n \t<div class="cell-12" *ngIf="from && to">\n \t\t<m4-input [(ngModel)]="message" prepend="Message" (keyup.enter)="send()" (search-button-click)="send()" search-button="true" search-button-icon="<span class='mif-paper-plane'></span>"></m4-input>\n \t</div>\n </div>\n\n <ng-container *ngIf="from && to">\n \t<h2>Messages</h2>\n\n \t<blockquote *ngFor="let message of messages$ | async" [class.right-side]="message.from === from">\n \t\t<p [innerText]="message.content"></p>\n \t</blockquote>\n </ng-container> \f:(csharp:Message.cs) public class Message\n {\n \tpublic Message()\n \t{\n \t\tCreatedOn = DateTime.UtcNow;\n \t}\n\n \t[Key]\n \tpublic int Id { get; set; }\n\n \tpublic DateTime CreatedOn { get; set; }\n\n \tpublic string From { get; set; }\n\n \tpublic string To { get; set; }\n\n \tpublic string Content { get; set; }\n }

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